Thursday, August 23, 2007

Jeffrey's Best Birthday Ever!

Jeffrey was 5 on August 12, 2007. We had his party that day after church. It was also Sarah's 12 birthday party. :-)

We had the party at Grandmother's house, as our guest bathroom is still in the middle of a remodel. At the party was Grandmother, Grandfather, Aunt Beth, Uncle Scott, Cousin Laura, Grandmommy, Uncle Greg, Aunt Caroline, Mr. and Mrs. Blair, and all of us. We had carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.

Here are the gifts he received:

Grandmother and Grandfather - Spiderman Backpack
Aunt Beth et al. - GI Joe Sigma Six toy
Grandmommy - Playmobile Pirate toys
Uncle Greg and Aunt Caroline - Cowboy Hat
Mr. and Mrs. Blair - $25

For his birthday dinner after we got home, we had spaghetti and meatballs with tomato sauce. At that point, we told him that his gift from us was $15 to spend at Build-A-Bear Workshop.

Last night we all went to Build-A=Bear to spend his money. He picked out a dark brown bear. One of the staff helped him stuff it. After he had picked out a heart and placed it in the bear, she laced it up tight and tied the laces. Then Jeffrey had to take it over to the wash station to give it an air wash and brush out his fur. Then we picked out a shirt for him - Jeffrey choose a pirate shirt that came with a bandana to go over his ears. Arrrr! Then we registered him on their kid-friendly computer (so we can get lots of junk mail!), we paid for him. At that point they gave us the bear's birth certificate (Pirate Blackbeard) and put him in his carrier so he wouldn't bite us on the way home.

Next, we went to Toys-R-Us so he could spend his money form the Blairs. He picked out a Playmobile Pirate Treasure Chest to go along with his other toys. Today, he is dressed in his pirate shirt and playing pirates with all his siblings (except Baby Rebekah!).

He has declared more than once that this was his best birthday ever!