Tuesday, September 06, 2011

We each wrote a Haiku!

We have been doing a World Showcase Unit Study in our home school. This week, we are finishing up our studies of Japan. Today, we learned about the spread of Christianity in Japan after WWII, about Samurai warriors, and about Haiku. Here are the Haiku written by my children.

The sun is high up.
The moon does not show his face.
It is nice outside.
by Jeffrey, age 9

The heat of summer
The thorns sprout up near me
All snakes are scary
by William, age 10

There in October
Funny Bunny played her flute
She played her flute well
by Bob, age 12

Christmas comes again
Presents underneath the tree
Joy to all the world
by Trey, age 14

Thank you for wise words,
Wise men sitting quietly.
Words will live with me.
by Sarah, age 16

I wrote two, just for fun.

Ice cream, cold and wet
In my mouth and down my throat
Yummy, cooling treat!

Autumn leaves fall down
Red and gold lay on the ground
Crisp air brings new hope.