Friday, March 20, 2009

The Return of the Daughters DVD

I had been wanting to watch this for a while. I had read so many good things about it. What a blessing that a friend from the Patriarch's Wives Yahoo Group offered to send her copy around to anyone interested in seeing it.

John and I watched it over two nights with Sarah. We all enjoyed it. Sarah is renewed in her desire to live a life in service to the Lord. She still would like to design modest clothes, but sees more how she can do that here at home and hopefully someday, as a cottage industry to help her husband as she raises her own family.

Sarah also asked if we could read and discuss the book Before You Meet Prince Charming a chapter at a time with her. We have already done that this week for the first two chapters. We hope to do a chapter a week from now on.

In God's perfect timing, I found out that the curriculum Far Above Rubies was on sale. I was able to order the full curriculum on CD. Sarah will start that when she finishes this school year. The only other thing she will need is math. Of course, she will still sit in on our family history and science unit studies.

Also, I was able to get the Bible study Raising Maidens of Virtue. Sarah and I will start that after we finish Before You Meet Prince Charming. For the boys, I got Little Bear's Outdoor Adventure Guide for the All American Boy.

I guess this post isn't as much about the DVD as about the journey God is taking us on that started with us watching "Return of the Daughters". If you would like to read more about the DVD, check out this blog post I found: