Thursday, February 09, 2006

Trip Planning

I love to plan trips! Of course, I only really enjoy them if I get to go on them. Otherwise, what was the point?

Our next trip is to NJ, Lord willing. We are hoping to go in June - warm enough to not need heat a t night, but not so hot we melt. The motivation for the trip is my father wished to be interred in the garden where my brother is interred. My brother will be taking care of that. Hopefully our trips will coordinate, but his schedule is hard to plan around. So, I have pick some dates and am planning on them until further notice.

I am planning for us to leave June 10th. The first day, we hope to drive to Ellicott City, MD. John's sister just moved to that area. We hope to camp at Patapsco Valleey State Park. We will visit with the cousins and go to church with them. SIL's dh has recently started pastoring a church there - it will great to hear him preach again. We might go to Baltimore while we are there, possibly to the Aquarium.

On Tuesday, we will drive to Glen Gardner, NJ. We hope to camp at Voorhees State Park. We have friends to visit in the area and also hope to visit NYC and the Jersey Shore. On Sunday, we will go to the church John attended growing up - Covenant Chapel. After church we plan to drive to Fairfax Station, VA and visit with John's brother and family, maybe do DC, before driving home on the 20th.

Because of my family's food sensitivities, I will need to plan all our food in advance and bring much of it with us. This should keep me busy for a few days!

I'll try to post more as our plans become more concrete.

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