Thursday, April 13, 2006

Our Passover Unit Study

I decided last Friday to do a unit study to prepare for Resurrection Sunday. I surfed the internet and found a study by Karen Caroe on Passover. We have done other studies she wrote and this one was just as good as the others. :-)

I spent Friday afternoon preparing - printing out coloring pages, deciding how much to do each day, etc. Sunday evening, I was flipping through the TV channels looking for something for the dc to watch to keep them quiet while we made dinner and found a movie on the Hallmark Channel called "In the Beginning". When we turned it on, they were showing Joseph being harassed by his brothers for being his father's favorite. We got to see how the Israelites got to Egypt and then all about Moses.

Monday, we did a quick history review from Creation to Joseph, showing how they came to be Egypt. Then we learned about how Moses mother saved him from death and he became an adopted son of the Princess. We looked up Egypt on the map and colored maps showing Egypt and Israel. Then we learned about how God called Moses to lead His People out of Egypt.

Tuesday, we studied the first nine plagues. Having seen them on the TV movie helped the children remember them. Then we read the Biblical account and discussed how it differed. After that, we learned some about Jewish culture, including learning to dance the Hora! We also learned some Yiddish phrases that are used in American today.

Wednesday, we read Exodus 12 and learned about the Passover. We also discussed the Hebrew Calendar and compared it to our calendar. The older ones worked on memorizing the months of the year and the younger ones on the days of the week. Sarah reviewed "30 days hath September."

Today, we will discuss how Passover is celebrated today. We had a Seder a few years ago, so some of them remember it. We will discuss the Hebrew terms for the various foods served. We will also discuss how leaven compares to sin. Tonight, we will go to our church's Agape Feast to celebrate Maundy Thursday. I am hoping they have Matzoh for the communion bread, as that's what Jesus would have used since He was celebrating Passover that evening.

Friday, we will discuss the symbolism of how Jesus is our Paschal Lamb and it is His Blood that saves us from death.

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