Friday, July 07, 2006

My Wholesome Wear Swimsuit

I finally convinced my husband to allow me to buy a Wholewear Swimsuit. They are very expensive! I did get one on sale, which helped. The best time to buy is during winter when they are least expensive.

I had not planned to buy a new swimsuit before our trip, but one of my children got creative with my old suit and a pair of scissors. *sigh* So there I was, just a few days before our trip and no swimsuit. Not a happy momma.

I called and the woman who runs Wholesome Wear had one in stock that sounded perfect. She went out of her way to make sure I got it before my vacation. The customer service was above and beyond!

The suit itself is wonderful! The under layer is very comfortable. Hopefully I can tell you without giving TMI that it eliminated chaffing problems I have had with other swimsuits. The outer layer does not drag me down in the water. It is a lightweight material that doesn't hold water. Instead of absorbing water, it lets the water flow right through. Because of this, it doesn't cling when I get out of the water, either.

Not only do I feel modest yet cute in my Wholesome Wear Suit, it protects my shoulders from sunburn! With a good hat, I am set for a quick trip to the lake. I would still use sunblock on my exposed skin for a day at the beach, but that is a lot less skin than it used to be!

I strongly recommend Wholesome Wear Swimwear! Check them out yourself at


Mrs. Bridget G. said...

Sounds great! I want to try one.

Anonymous said...

Do I have to call them? Wonder why they don't take orders online? We are interested in purchasing a few. Can you tell me how long it took to arrive? Thanks. Have a wonderful day!

Martha said...

Yes, I called them to place my order. Their customer service was great. I believe I got mine in just over a week. I think it would be more expensive for them to take orders on-line.

Hope you love your WholesomeWear suits as much as I love mine!