Wednesday, May 16, 2007

What actually happened for Mother's Day Weekend

We got on the road Thursday as planned, but later than hoped for. This wasn't a big deal, however, as the Microcar Museum was closed for construction. We did detour very briefly through Athens to see the only double-barrel cannon known to exist.

Over the course of the weekend, I found I had forgotten the following:
plates, plastic ware, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, milk, can opener, charcoal, lighter fluid, a belt for dh's shorts, most of the sleeping bags, and the bedding for my bed. We went to Wal-Mart to replace most of the forgotten items and used packing blankets for sleeping blankets.

Friday, we went to Six Flags as planned. John and I decided to dress the dc in swimwear since they wanted to play at Skull Island. Unfortunately, Skull Island and most of the water rides were closed. The one running had an extremely long ride so we avoided it. Everyone but the baby went on at least one roller coaster and the children all had fun in the Bugs Bunny area.

Saturday started nice, although it got hot quickly. Trey had gotten Jeffrey's cold (from before we left) and started vomiting. We kept hoping he would get better under John's ministrations. Meanwhile, I took the other dc to the lake for swimming which they really enjoyed. When we got back to the campground, I planned to take a quick shower before John took them back to the beach. On the way back from the shower, it started to sprinkle. Since we could no longer swim, and Trey was still vomiting, we decided to go home. As John and I started packing up, the rain started to pour down. We put the dc in the car and packed as quickly as we could. We still got soaked!

he ride home was quick and uneventful. Once we got home, William found a tick on him. John tried to remove, but the mouth broke off inside him. They ended up going to the ER for 3 hours, where they dug the mouth parts out with tweezers. [b]Ouch! [/b] By grace, when John got home he was finally able to get Trey to stop vomiting without a trip to the ER for him (the usual result).

So, I spent Mother's Day washing everything we brought with us. At least I didn't have to cook as I had made lots of food before we left.

I think next year I will plan a brunch on my behalf. :-)

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