Friday, June 13, 2008

Sarah and Mommy's Trip to Atlanta

I took Sarah to Atlanta for an overnight trip. Sarah wanted to buy the new American Girl Doll, Ruthie (Kit's best friend) at the AG store. I thought it was a great excuse for us to have some time one-on-one.

The timing of the trip was decided by the release date of the doll. She was released June 1st to stir up interest in the new AG movie, "Kit Kittredge, an American Girl." Sarah had wanted to be there the first day she was released, but that wasn't possible. She said it would be okay to be there the first week instead.

Since John wasn't working Friday, we drove to Alpharetta, where the AG store is, that morning. We were baffled to find a long line outside the store. Boy, were we surprised to find out that Abigail Breslin, star of the new movie, was there signing autographs!

We didn't get her autograph, but here is a picture of her signing autographs:

And here she is walking through the store after she was done:

Here is Sarah sitting in the chair Miss Breslin sat in:

Here is Sarah in front of the American Girl Store with her new Ruthie doll:

Here they are having lunch at the American Girl Bistro:

Be sure to read the next post for the rest of our adventures!

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