Friday, March 05, 2010

Disney's Give a Day, Get a Day Program

When I saw the commercials for the "Give a Day, Get a Day" Program for Disney, I was excited. I got frustrated Jan. 1st when I was unable to to register for any of the volunteer opportunities due to the high volume they were getting. However, I waited a few days and tried again and was able to sign us up. Rebekah is too young to volunteer, but they did let me sign up the rest of the children plus John and me to clean up at a local school.

February 26th (our day to work) finally arrived. We dropped off Rebekah at Aunt Beth's for a morning of fun and headed to Sue Cleveland Elementary. The school principal said they usually get 10-15 people to help clean-up. That day there were over 100. We picked up sticks, raked leaves, and picked up garbage. There were small statues under the leaves that weren't even visible when we got there. It was fun asking the various volunteers when they were planning to go to Disney. We finished all the work in under two hours and were able to pick up Bekah and head home for lunch.

Our vouchers arrived by e-mail a few days later and I have been planning our trip ever since. I thought at first we might go in September. However, I asked on the DisBoards if that was a good idea and they all said it would still be hot and very humid then. We have decided to postpone until November. There is a new ticker at the bottom of the blog that shows how long until our big vacation.

The plan at this point is to drive down on Sunday, November 7. We hope to stay four nights at Fort Wilderness Campground which is part of the Walt Disney World Resort. By staying on property, we would eligible to do many fun, free things. Campfires with Chip and Dale, sing-a-longs, movies outside, ride the monorail, watch the electric boat parade, just to name a few. If we get good weather, sleeping in the tent should be fine.

We would spend one day at Downtown Disney, which has free admission. It's really just a very nice shopping center, but all the stores are fun just to look at. Also, there is a Lego Store there that will probably be one of the highlights of the trip for the boys, not to mention a store where they can build their own light sabers. We might also spend a day looking at the other hotels on property, if we get bored just hanging out at the campground.

The other day would be for the Magic Kingdom. I don't know who Rebekah would like to meet more - Minnie Mouse or Cinderella. Either way, I think she will absolutely love it!

Thank you, Disney, for the "Give a day, Get a Day" Program. It looks to be a real blessing for our family.

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Katie said...

How wonderful! Have fun! I've never heard of this program.