Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Christmas Letter 2010

Dear Friends and Family,

For those who missed last year’s letter, you can read it here: http://memoirable.blogspot.com/2009/12/christmas-letter-2009.html
Since you can read much of what we have done recently there, I will just tell you what we are thankful for this year.

In January, we learned about Disney’s Give a Day, Get a Day Promotion. We were able to sign up and in February, we did Spring Cleaning at a local school and earned free tickets to one Disney Park for 7 of us.

In March, a family at church gave us their Suburban. It needed a new transmission and we had enough from our tax refund to do it. What a great blessing! In April, we were blessed to take a one day trip to Beaufort, SC too see two of our nephews, Thomas and David Crum, graduate from Marine Boot Camp at Parris Island. In May, we travelled to Missouri to see another nephew, Nathaniel Crum, get married. It was a wonderful trip! Then, at the end of the month, our neice, Laura May (now Oliphant) got married in Simpsonville, SC. It was nice to go to a local wedding, seeing extended family without having to travel.

Through the summer, we enjoyed going to VBS, Six Flags over Georgia with free tickets the children had earned reading, free children’s movies at the local theaters, and swimming many times at Beth May’s pool. Also, members of our church treated us to seats at a local ballpark. The Greenville Drive are a farm team for the Boston Red Sox. We were able to go to two other Drive games using tickets earned donating blood and through the library reading program.

Many friends helped us afford our Disney Trip in November. We even had enough for John and Trey to go to Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, where Trey hopes to intern someday. Our entire trip to Disney was wonderful!

Through all this, God has provided friends, family, hugs, health, food, work, and money to get all we need and so much of what we just want. We feel blessed just to call Him Father, let alone Saviour.
Merry Christmas!
The Moirs

Bobby (12), John, Jeffrey (8), Rebekah (3), Stitch, Trey (13), Marty, Sarah (15), & William (9)


Mom of 7 said...

Hi! Do you believe in the "doctrines of grace"? If so, do you know of others also that wear dresses/headcoverings that do?

Martha said...

Yes, we defintely believe in the Doctrines of Grace! I don't many others who are Reformed and wear headcoverings/dresses. But there is a Facebook group called Headcovering Christians where I asked just this question and got many encouraging responses.

God bless!