Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Animal Walk

Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus has come to town. They arrived this morning by train. We can'ty afford to go to the circus, but we did go downtown this morning to see them walk the elephants and horses from the train station to the arena.

We were planning to leave at 8:30a to give us plenty of time to find a parking spot and a good place to watch before the 9:30a parade. At 8:00, I checked the local tv station website for local news and their site said the parade was at 9:00a! YIKES!!!!

I rushed the children through breakfast and got everyone dressed warmly and jumped in the van. We rushed downtown (me praying that the road I think is Washington really is - it was! PTL!) and parked in the lot across from the Presbyterian Church. There was NOTHING going on at 8:50am. We strolled downtown, wandered around a bit, wandered back down Washington. We ended up waiting an hour! *LOL* Try to keep 6 excited children behaving for an hour.

But it was worth it! The elephants were so cute, wrapping their trunks around the one in front of them's tail. How cute! And then the horse were great. My boys were even thrilled when one pooped in front of us and thought it great that there was truck following behind cleaning up the poop! They asked how much that guy got paid and I said, "Not enough!" LOL

I thought of hanging out downtown for while afterwards, but in our rush to get out of the house, not everyone had visited the potty before we left the house. Also, the 11mo was exhausted. We decided to come home and spend the rest of the day catching up on chores and watching videos. I hope to get them outside this afternoon. We have an experiment to do about rainbows that needs sunshine. :D

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