Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Another Birthday Party

Last Saturday, we had a birthday party for Trey and William. Per Trey's request, we had carrot cake and cream cheese icing. The next day, on William's birthday, we had chocolate cake and cram cheese icing. His other choice was carrot cake with chocolate icing, but I vetoed that.

Trey's birthday dinner was hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, baked beans, and corn. Sarah made brownies for dessert that night. For William's birthdya dinner, we had stuffed shells and salad. I wanted ot make bread, but we didn't have enough salt.

Here are the gifts Trey received:
Uncle Greg and Aunt Caroline - Star Wars figures (R2D2 and Darth Vader) and a Star Wars coin collector
Grandmommy - More Star Wars figures (Emporior Papatine and a sand trooper)
Aunt Beth (with Laura and Prescott) - GI Joe plane kit.
Grandmother and Grandfather - Model Airplane and a book on Flight.
Mr. and Mrs. Blair - $25

One of Trey's favorite presents was just something Unlcle Greg brought to give him. It is a calendar about unmanned vehicles. It went up on his wall right away. :-)

Here is what William received:
Uncle Greg and Aunt Caroline - A remote control race car
Grandmommy - Another RC race car
Aunt Beth (with Laura and Prescott) - A Spiderman action figure
Grandmother and Grandfather - Jonah book and mittens and army men
Mr. and Mrs. Blair - $25


Tiffany said...

I sure know about birthdays!!!!!!!! WE just had two

Tiffany said...

I totally did not get done with my reply , I had a baby push send lol! Anyhow we just had two birthday's combined for one birthday party Sunday. It was my baby boy's 1st birthday and my oldest daughter's 9th bday. It was fun! We have our twins bday on march 10th they will be 11 and our youngest daughters on march 14th, she will be 5. So we might combined theirs also. :) Have a blessed day