Thursday, October 23, 2014

Our Trip to Walt Disney World 2014 - Part Two

This is the second of my posts about our 2014 trip to Walt Disney World.

After spending the morning at Animal Kingdom, we "hopped" over to Disney Hollywood Studios. We found some Photopass Photographers and got more pictures taken.

After wandering about a bit getting our bearings, we found a table by Min and Bill’s Dockside Diner. I had brought BLT makings in my backpack kept cool with a ziploc of ice wrapped in a towel. The lettuce and bacon had traveled fine. The sliced tomatoes now looked more like tomato soup and the bread was a bit smooshed, but we made do.

While we were eating, we saw Stitch doing a meet and greet. On our 2010 trip, we got a great picture with Stitch, so we wanted to try again. Some of the kids got in line for the meet and greet and while the rest of tried to quickly finish our lunch. I stuffed half a sandwich in my mouth and quickly cleaned up from our lunch. We joined the family in line just before they meet Stitch. It had started to rain, so we were the last family to meet Stitch.

From there, we headed in the rain to ride Toy Story Mania with our first FastPass Plus (FP+). I was thrilled to see the sensor light up green!

Note the new hat!

Toy Story Mania was lots of fun!

After that, we got some Premium Mickey Ice Cream Bars. Yummy!

After we cleaned up all the melted chocolate and ice cream, we headed into Wandering Oaken’s Trading post, in part to get out of the rain. We enjoyed looking, but didn’t buy anything.

Frozen backdrop pictures:

Next up, we went to watch the Beauty and the Beast show. You might get the impression form these next pictures that my daughter likes Gaston. You would be right.

Next, we went to the Indiana Jones stunt show. By the time we got to the Indiana Jones show, most of the seats were filled. I just split the kids up into groups of two with my 17yob sitting by himself. Then I carefully went to each group and explained where we would meet after the show so we could quickly get to our next FP+. We would be cutting it close, so I didn’t want any delays.

Then they asked for people to be “extras” in the show. They had to be over 18 years old and in good physical condition. All thoughts of my bad knee flew out of my head as I eagerly waved my hand. Yes, I was chosen.

With only minor misgivings, I signed the waiver and put on my costume.

I had a blast!

I was a little concerned when the director told us to crouch down quickly so we wouldn’t get hurt by the exploding truck. I just quickly sat on the ground and even managed to get back up again! I really enjoyed being an extra, but realized later that meant I had missed most of the show.

After the show, the kids all met at the agreed spot and we were off to Star Tours. As we were lining up to go in, my 7yo started to panic. She and I ducked out of the line and waited for the others while they enjoyed the ride.

Waiting in line for Star Tours:

They did the Wookie planet one and none of them were chosen as the Rebel Spy.

Duckie Momo:

Duckie Momo with Phineas and Ferb in the background:

Next, we went to Muppet Vision 3D. The 3D on this was not as good as other 3D things Disney has done. I realize that it is older, but I wish they could update it so it doesn't give me a headache.

The next thing on our touring plan was our FP+ for Tower of Terror, followed by waiting in the stand-by line for Rockin' Roller Coaster. I realized that my 7yo would not want to do either and a quick poll revealed that my 12yo and 13yo weren't certain they wanted to ride them either. We decided to split up with the older three going to ride the rides while the younger ones and I stood on the stand-by line to see if we could get into the Frozen Sing-Along.

We were the second group in the stand-by line and the rain certainly helped. Not only did we get in, but I think most of the line did. Yes, they weren't the best seats, but we had a blast. If you are thinking of trying to get in using the stand-by line, I say, "Go for it!"

Here are pictures my daughter took on the way to the Tower of Terror:

Here is their Tower of Terror ride photo:

Here is a picture taken on the way to Rockin' Roller Coaster:

And here, after a 35 minute wait in the stand-by line, is their ride photo:

From there we went to get seats for Fantasmic. It was an hour wait of will it get canceled or not, but it didn't. No pictures, but we enjoyed it very much.

I had thought of herding them back over to an area in the park to watch the Frozen fireworks, but we were all exhausted. We made our way to the FW bus stop and after a short wait, our bus pulled up. Just as we sat down on the bus, the fireworks started. The bus driver waited until they were over to pull away, so everyone in the family but me got to watch them. I was too tired to stoop over enough to see them out the window.

We got back to our campsite where some had wrap sandwiches for dinner and some just went to bed too tired to eat.

That was just the beginning of our trip. I hope to do another post with more of our adventures soon!

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