Saturday, October 25, 2014

Our Trip to Walt Disney World 2014 - Part Three

Saturday was mostly getting grocery shopping and laundry done. I believe some of the kids went swimming that day also. My oldest went to Downtown Disney by herself to get some Starbucks.

In the evening, some kids went to the campfire sing-along and the movie, Tangled. I decided since they were mostly occupied, I would go back to the 600 loop to see if any fiends were about. This time, I knew to just go across the Meadows area. My 12yo son came with me. We saw Bob, Kathy, Lorna, Richie, Doodle, Mike, and TJ. They were making hot dogs for dinner and graciously offered us some. 12yo and I split one, as we had already had pulled pork sandwiches for dinner at our campsite. I don’t remember what kind they were, but that was one good hot dog!

Shortly after that, 12yo heard the movie getting to the point he had wanted to see, so we said a sad good-bye to the Fiends and went back to the movie. When that was over, we all went to bed.

Sunday, I know there was more swimming. We also went to Downtown Disney that day.

On the bus to Downtown Disney:

Panoramic picture from World of Disney:

We wandered a browsed as far as the middle boat dock, then took a boat back to the Marketplace area and then a bus back to the Fort. Yes, my very talented daughter made these ears:

Back at the Fort:

The girls and I decided to visit the TCD Ranch:

And then we went to the Settlement Trading Post:

That night, some of the kids wanted to be sure to get to the campfire early enough to meet Chip and dale so my 7yo could ge their autographs. (Oldest daughter bought youngest daughter an autograph book and she loved getting it autographed!) The activity that evening was a trivia quiz. We won! They gave us s’more makings, which the offspring really enjoyed.

Since they didn’t want to watch the movie for that evening, The Aristocats, we went to the beach to see the Electric Water Pageant. I was surprised by all the people who were on the beach. I mean, I love the EWP, but could all these people be here to see that?

Nope! They were there to see the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party special fireworks! And we had great seats! It was excellent!

Next was the EWP, which I had never seen start to finish. Loved it!

Next up: Epcot

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