Sunday, October 26, 2014

Our Trip to Walt Disney World 2014 - Part Five

Having done most of what we hoped to do in Future World, we headed for the World Showcase.

Another Magic Shot:

Then we met Duffy.

I didn’t want to miss our Maelstrom FastPass+ time, so we went there next. Except the ride was down, so they said we could come back anytime that day.

We went back to Mexico and did a Meet and Greet with Mexican Donald.

Then we rode the Gran Fiesta Ride, which was cute.

We looked around in Mexico for a few minutes.

After the younger ones got their passports signed in Mexico, we went back to Norway, but the ride was still closed. They did get their passports signed then and we spent some time looking around the Norway area.

I should mention that we decided that, thanks to the Fort Fiends, each of us had $15 to spend on food for the day. So at this point, my 19yo decided she wanted garlic shrimp from the Austrailia booth – which was on the other side of Mexico. I could not believe how much time we spent in that area.

At some point in there, I saw another Photopass Photographer.

And another:

Next was China. We enjoyed the shops and the movie, though we did wish the theater had seats.

More World Showcase pictures in the next post.

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