Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Our Trip to Walt Disney World 2014 - Part Seven

A quick update to finish up our day in Epcot.

While exploring the United Kingdom, we found an almost empty Meet and Greet with Pooh and Tigger. Score!

After that, we spent some time looking around the stores and who should show up but Alice of Wonderland fame! We were able to meet her as well.

Alice liked 7yo's Alice in Wonderland T-shirt:

While in the UK, 19yo got some Fish and Chips:

Random UK pictures:

We found a random stranger to take a picture of all the kids in the phone booth. I volunteered to hold the door open cause there was no way I was going to squeeze in there.

O Canada! I was so glad to get to Canada. Best of all, then line for the movie was under cover. I was getting a little tired of rain.

Next, we had to decide on a place to watch Illuminations. While trying to decide, 15yo decided to buy a shirt in China. We agreed that he and 19yo would go buy that while we waited out of the rain in Disney Traders. She bought some sort of non-alcoholic beverage while they were out in the rain:

Once they returned, we found a place outside along the rail and had only a short wait before Illuminations started. It was really good.

Random pictures on the way out of Epcot:

From there, we slowly made our way back to the bus stop and home to the Fort.

Next up: Magic Kingdom

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