Friday, November 14, 2014

Our Walt Disney World Trip - Part Twelve

After riding Peter Pan's Flight, we checked to see if there any FastPass+’s were available for the 7 of us. We were able to book for Buzz, so we went to ride that again.

Next we made our way over to the castle to wait for the Main Street Electrical Parade.

Random castle photos:

No parade pictures, but here are some fireworks pictures.

I should explain that at this point, daughter's iPhone was running out of battery power, so rather than carefully trying to take pretty photos, she was just snapping as fast as she could before the battery died. I should also confess that i did not watch the fireworks. My feet were so done I just sat on the ground through the fireworks.

This one is pretty cool.

One last fireworks photo to finish our day at Magic Kingdom.

We took a very crowded boat back. Some parents were unhappy when the boat driver instructed them to collapse their strollers, but he was just trying to get as many people back to the campground as quickly as he could.

Next up, another day of Fort Wilderness and Downtown Disney

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