Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Our Walt Disney World Trip 2014 - Part Nine

I need to back-up just a tad. I forgot that when we were in Epcot, we had lunch in Germany.

15yo had mentioned that he had some sort of doughnut in Germany. He did. It was not from the Bakery, it was from the F&W booth. He had the Berliner. 17yo and 12yo had the Schinkennudeln which was like macaroni and cheese with ham. I had the Roast Bratwurst on a pretzel roll. Yum!

With that out of the way, I will continue with our day in the Magic Kingdom. Next, we meet one of my older daughter's favorites - Gaston!

19yo tried to take a selfie with Gaston.

He figured selfie means only him.

She finally explained she wanted a picture of both of them.

Then he talked about himself.

When he said he was not interested in marrying my daughter becasue his heart belonged to Belle, my 15yo stepped up to defend his sister's honor.

The handler stepped in before it came to blows. He settled things down so we could all get a picture with Gaston.

Next, my oldest bought a LeFrou Brew at Gaston's Tavern.

Some random photos from FantasyLand:

At this point, we were ahead of schedule. Our Seven Dwarves Mine Train Ride FastPass+ didn't start until 12:05pm and it was closer to 11:30am. We decided to try to meet Peter Pan. We then found out that he now meets over in AdventureLand. That was too far to get to right then. So we went on It's a Small World.

More from our day at the Magic Kingdom in the next post.

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