Friday, November 14, 2014

Our Walt Disney Trip 2014 - Part Sixteen

This will be the last post about our wonderful trip to Walt Disney World.

After the carousel, the offspring attempted to pull the sword from the stone.

Picture of Cinderella's statue.


From there, some wanted to look around in the breezeway under Cinderella's Castle. Part of it was closed off because they were doing a show in front of the castle.

From there we went to TomorrowLand where some rode Astro Orbiter while others rode the People Mover. I believe that was the time the lights were on in Space Mountain and we saw people being helped off the ride. Sorry, no pictures.

Next, we did The Monster's Inc. laugh Floor and then the offspring all went to do Stitch's Great Escape. I think I had more fun texting with friends and people watching but they enjoyed the ride. By this time, it was almost 7pm and there was a Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party that night, so we slowly made our way to the exit. We did some last browsing in the stores on our way out and 7yo bought a Minnie Mouse Head key chain.

The Halloween Party started, but we were not shooed out of the park. We saw Jack Skellington doing a meet and greet as we made our way to the restrooms by City Hall before leaving to catch our boat back to the Fort.

There was some shouting on the boat between a woman who had been taking pictures and a man who didn't want her taking pictures of his kids. It sounded like it might come to blows, but the shouting finally died down.

When we got back to our site, there were balloons on our car.

The offspring said there also balloons on the bicycles in the site next to ours. We never did figure out what that was all about. I had the younger offspring play with the balloons the next morning while the rest of us packed up to go home. It had been a great vacation, but we were ready to go home and be dry. (Speaking of which, it never rained that last park day! What a blessing!)

Here is a last picture. It is 19yo with her favorite souvenir - a Stitch pillow pet.

It was a fantastic trip, thanks in such a large part to so many of you. My prayer is that the Lord will bless you for blessing us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making this the trip of a lifetime!

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