Friday, November 14, 2014

Our Walt Disney World Trip 2014 - Part Thirteen

The next morning, my main focus was getting dry shoes. Dry towels were also on the agenda. So I threw the shoes in a dryer at the comfort station and decided to do laundry while I was there. $25 and many hours later the shoes were mostly dry and I had clean laundry. Except then it started to rain and since all the shoes were sitting outside the camper (although they were under the awning) they all got soaked again. I wanted to cry. So I did.

While I spent most of the morning and early afternoon in the comfort station, the kids enjoyed the Fort.

19yo found an intruder on the fishing dock where my friend Bob likes to spend his vacation fishing.

Being a good Fort Fiend, she felt this needed investigating.

Apparently, he didn't want to leave. Bob will have to return to evict this bird himself.

One interesting thing I noted was when I took 17yo’s sneakers out of the dryer was that the sole wasn’t firmly attached to the rest of the shoe. In fact, it was mostly detached. Turns out sweet 17yo didn’t want to worry me, so he made no mention of it before the trip. Throwing them in the dryer only made it worse. So, we needed to buy him something and, given the weather, sandals made the most sense. It was decided that a trip to Downtown Disney was in order. In an odd twist of irony, 17yo didn't want to come, so he spent the afternoon by himself - his version of heaven. :)

19yo trying on a hat in DTD.

Random DTD pictures.

After a yummy meal at Earl of Sandwich, we found some sandals that would fit for not too much money at Curl.

Panoramic from the boat we took from one end of DTD to the other.

A last picture from the boat.

I was interested to learn there had been so much rain, they were not running boats to the resorts from DTD because they weren't sure they would fit under the bridges.

Some pictures my daughter took after we got back to the campground.

This was just a short update, but the next one starts our last park day. :(

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