Friday, November 14, 2014

Our Walt Disney World Trip 2014 - Part Fifteen

I had wanted the offspring to do the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse. The younger two really wanted to do the Magic Carpets of Aladdin. Given my foot troubles, i elected to do Aladdin with the younger ones and let the older ones do the Treehouse without me.

Treehouse pictures.

Next was our FP+ for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Bekah and I waited in the shade while the rest of the offspring went to do that.

No ride photo. :(

Next was our FP+ for Splash Mountain. This was where I ran into trouble with my MagicBand. The scanner said i did not have any FastPass+'s booked on it. The offspring had scanned in just fine. The Cast member checked on it, then allowed me in with the family. While the cast member was checking me, my daughter said other people got in who should not have. :))

Wait! What about 7yo who didn't want to ride anything like a roller coaster? You guessed it - another bad mommy moment. I really wanted to ride Splash Mountain. My 7yo did not enjoy it too much, but she got through it. At least you can't see how scared she is in the ride photo. LOL

After that, we went to Tom Sawyer's Island. The kids enjoyed it. 19yo snapped these in one of the caves.

We were still on the island when the Festival of Fantasy Parade started. It was an okay place to watch from. We were in shade with water fountains and bathrooms close by. 7yo watched some from in the mill on the island and said that was fun. However, we had none of the fun of characters interacting with us like those on the parade route did.

After taking the raft back to the mainland, we made our way to the Haunted Mansion. 19yo had been meeting Anna and Elsa when we had ridden it on Tuesday and really wanted to ride now.

7yo didn't want to ride it again, so we waited by the exit. I saw a Photopass Photographer taking photos by the hearse, so she and I got our photo taken. I had told her to look scared, but she just smiled. LOL

I believe from there is when we went to the Hall of Presidents, although we might have gone when it was raining on Tuesday. Either way, we enjoyed it.

Picture of Peter Pan's Flight queueing area.

Disneybounding photo. (Gaston)

After that, we rode the Prince Charming Regal Carousel.

Next up: More fun in the Magic Kingdom!

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